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“Nothing makes you more beautiful than motherhood.”

A very nice afternoon at the Kraft Azalea Garden one of beautiful places that the great Orlando, Florida give us, I was prepared to be Yuliana’s Orlando Maternity Photographer. I love doing maternity sessions. Motherhood just show us hoy beautiful a woman can be. Very simple and quiet, Yuliana posed in front of our camera. Her simplicity showed on every image. Her Husband, Jared also was part of the maternity session. Jared love Batman so much si they got this cute Batman shoes that they can’t wait to used them on their baby girl and they can’t wait to the arrival of their baby.  Here are my favourite images of Yuliana Maternity Session. 

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The new year has begun and it means that Valentine’s Day is approaching. What a better gift for that person that you love or for yourself some beautiful images that make you feel sexy and special. Take advantage of our Boudoir Mini Sessions Special.. Boudoir shoots are all about feeling confident in your body and loving yourself. The awesome thing to work with me is that I’m a female  Orlando Boudoir Photographer and you can be able to fell as you are. I can’t wait to work with you! Do not miss this great opportunity. We have dates available for the month of January and February. Visit our sister company web site to see our boudoir work.

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“Rename your “To-Do” list to your “Opportunities” list. Each day is a treasure chest filled with limitless opportunities; take joy in checking many off your list.”
― Steve Maraboli,




 A new year begins today and is a year of new opportunities and new beginnings. We will hear many people talk about their new resolutions and new goals for this 2017 and this is not bad. For my part I do not want to pursue goals that I can not meet or think about the same resolutions that everyone proposes themselves. Not only  I want to expand my goals as Orlando Wedding Photographer and as Orlando blogger,  I also want for this new year to be able of having an awesome way of  life. 2016 was a year that marked my personal life forever. I had the sad loss of my little brother. With his loss I learned that it is not worth struggling for things that can only fill you up for a moment. So in this new year I want to pursue new goals that fill my life with joy, I want to enjoy everything around me and fill my heart with good memories and hold them forever . I decided to make a “to do” list with things that I want to fulfill, things that my heart desires and I know I can do them. I just want to live my life to the fullest, to enjoy every minute that life gives me with the people that I love the most, because you know what … you’ll never know how your life can change or you’ll never know if you’ll lose someone you love. Life gives you surprises and that is why we must live our life one day at a time, loving one day at a time, enjoying every single moment that God give you, one day at a time. So be like me, just propose yourself and make a “to do” list for this new year.  Just do not complicate yourself with weird resolutions, live your life, be happy and take advantage of the 12 new chapters you have in your hands with the 365 new opportunities you have to enjoy your life. XOXO




In loving memory of Israel Nieves


I will always love you from here to heaven little brother.

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“The New Year lies ahead, with books to be read,
and adventures to be led.”

This year 2016 has been full of many different emotions in my life, both professionally and personally. Full of ups and downs where I had to stop for doing my photographic work like I really wanted but still having the opportunity to do a little on what I love so much. 2017 is upon us and I have in my head new ideas and the decision to take my photography work back to a 100%. So expect more from me in this coming new year. Here are my favorite shots of 2016 from Orlando Wedding Photography and Puerto Rico Wedding Photography.


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“You made it so easy to love you,

because you loved what no one else took time to see in me.”

When Zuriel and Koral ask me to be part of their wedding I just knew that this was going to be a beautiful wedding. The story about this two love birds I can only describe it as “Easy Love”. It was so easy for them to show me how much they love each other. Whit their simple and humble personality Koral and Zuriel just show their love they have and me as their Orlando Wedding Photographer, I just love they way they play with each other and they way the show their love in their Downtown Orlando Courthouse Wedding. wedding photographer wedding at downtown lake eola downtown orlando courthouse wedding

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